What Happened to Seeking Arrangement and Why It's Being Rebranded

According to the news and Wikipedia, Seeking Arrangement has been rebranded due to the recent change on iTunes App Store. In fact, SeekingArrangement's drama started in China where this app had more downloads than WeChat (China's most important social networking app), which caused a lot of attention from the authorities. Then Apple decided to remove all sugar daddy dating apps from iTunes entirely. That's why Seeking Arrangement app disappeared from iTunes in 2018.


  • Now it's called Seeking.com and you can't find any sugar daddy dating terminology in this community anymore. Because Apple is a very strict company, all sugar daddy apps have been removed from iTunes, including several millionaire dating apps which don't even mention sugar dating terminology. Therefore, nowadays the only luxury dating app on iTunes is probably Luxy which is a relatively new app. Having said that, Seeking Arrangement is working hard to deal with this problem because iTunes is the biggest market in the world. Although Google Play Store allows all sugar dating apps, the quality of users in the Android market is quite low - most people who use Android phones are unwilling to pay for dating services such as sugar baby dating apps. No wonder Seeking Arrangement has to rebrand itself and is planning on joining iTunes again.
  • A successful sugar daddy dating community is always a resilient and flexible community. As the world's best sugar daddy dating website, Seeking Arrangement has been on the market for more than one decade and has been featured on various mainstream media, including TV and magazines. Clearly, it is the most important sugar dating community in the world. Hence, this brand is best characterized by resilience and flexibility - it is extremely well-calibrated because now they are going to launch Seeking Society, a website which promotes Seeking.com (previously they were running LetsTalkSugar.com to promote Seeking Arrangement).
  • A dating website with a strong database won't disappear. Because Seeking Arrangement started as a sugar daddy dating website more than ten years ago before apps were popular, it has more than 10 million users worldwide now. This sugar daddy dating site has members in almost every country in the world, so they are extremely successful. Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangement, is the only owner of such dating sites that always appears in the mainstream media in public, because he truly believes in what he is doing. As Seeking Arrangement has so many active users, its absence on iTunes doesn't really affect its performance and growth. According to Brandon Wade, Seeking Arrangement sometimes has 10,000 new members per day!
  • The fact that the Seeking team is growing rapidly means this is a very valuable brand in the industry. After the issue with Apple in 2018, Seeking Arrangement isn't shrinking. As a matter of fact, the Seeking team is growing fast. Many more capable team members have joined this fantastic team - Apart from Brandon Wade (founder of Seeking Arrangement) and Brook Urick (the spokesperson of Seeking Arrangement), now this team also includes Alexis (lifestyle strategist) and Jade Seashell (author and columnist). Obviously, the Seeking team is pretty strong!

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