How to Be a Sugar Daddy

What is a Sugar DaddyTo be honest, there's no magic formula about how to be a sugar daddy.

It's simply a question of deciding what you are looking for in a sugar baby, and how best to go about finding her. At the same time, a sugar daddy needs to have decided how he is going to support his sugar baby and make sure she is happy with him and his terms of engagement.

Sounds, quite simple, right?

Well, yes and no.

If we look at the first part of the above paragraph, it goes without saying that each and every sugar daddy must have the financial means to support his sugar baby - this is an absolute given. Yet, the choice of a particular sugar baby comes down to the personal preferences of a sugar daddy: should she be tall, slim, blonde haired and in her 20s and fresh out of university; or is the sugar daddy looking for a shorter woman, more amply proportioned, and with auburn hair and nearing 30 and still establishing herself in her career? To most sugar daddies, physical appearances are very important so it's likely that a sugar daddy choosing his sugar baby will base his choices initially on looks...

Of course, the sugar daddy may have a precise idea on how he is going to support his sugar baby before he meets her, or he may choose to find the so-called perfect match for himself before committing to the actual level of support. Needless to say, such support revolves around financial assistance and this may include money for clothes, shoes; rental payments for the sugar baby's abode or, as applicable, tuition fees.

In other cases, the sugar daddy may start by giving his sugar baby some form of basic financial assistance but this may soon evolve into giving gifts of greater magnitude. This occurs as he gets to know his baby better and realises that, perhaps he (or they) has/have a great relationship in the making. By way of example, perhaps the sugar daddy starts by giving a rental allowance and end up giving his sugar baby a condo; or maybe he starts by paying her daily travel costs and ends up buying his baby a car!

Naturally, there are many different scenarios which can be described or are applicable to sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships but, fundamentally, to be a sugar daddy involves financial or monetary commitment to his sugar baby - and being seen to be taking care of her!

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