What Is the Difference Between Sugar Daddy Dating and Prostitution

sugar daddy and prostitutionThere always seem to be those who hear the term sugar daddy dating and immediately equate it with prostitution. However, there are considerable differences between the relationship of a sugar daddy and his sugar baby and a man and a prostitute. Here, we'll explain the most important of them.

Romance Potential

A sugar relationship involves a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. These two individuals have an on-going relationship in which they go out in public, meet up and generally carry on as a normal dating relationship. During this time, many sugar relationships blossom into more than an arrangement, as the two grow to truly care about each other.

A prostitute meets up with his or her client where they complete a transaction. That transaction involves a physical act and the exchange of funds, and the two part ways, typically never to meet again. There is no possible chance for romance to blossom between the two, and it is something that neither party wants to occur either.

Lifestyle vs. Profession

Another significant difference between a sugar baby and a prostitute is that one is making a lifestyle choice, while the other is choosing a profession. A sugar baby makes the choice to date rich men who can provide her with the lifestyle she wants. The sugar baby compares her wants and desires in a relationship partner and chooses not to enter into a relationship until she finds exactly what she is looking for.

A prostitute carries out her transactions as her profession, and there is never any serious consideration about with whom she chooses to complete transactions. Anyone who is looking for her services is fair game as a client, regardless of what she might be looking for in a relationship. For prostitutes, the transaction has nothing to do with a relationship, as the two are kept entirely separate.

Quality and Quantity

When a sugar baby enters into a relationship with a sugar daddy, he or she is looking for a quality relationship in which both parties respect and care for each other. These relationships are chosen for their quality and with the desire for it to become long term.

A prostitute chooses her clients based on little more than his or her ability to pay for services. The goal is to fit in as many clients as possible in each day, with no inclination to start a long-term relationship in the process.

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